Philadelphia Photographer - Deborah Boardman PhotographyDeborah Boardman is a Philadelphia photographer who specializes in all headshots including corporate portraits, engagement photos, family portraits, and performing artist’s audition portfolios.

I feel I have endless energy and patience which helps every client feel totally at ease and comfortable during the photo shoot.

A former ballet dancer, Deborah has a deep understanding of the human form, and is known as the body photographer, and has had her own business since 1980.
She works on location or at her center city Philadelphia photography studio, near 12th and Locust Street.

My job is like getting presents every day; no two days are the same and I love what I do!

Awards & Honors

In 1998 I was the first artist to be asked to exhibit in the Philadelphia International Airport, bringing art to the daily traveler, helping to relieve stress from their experiences. I had 30 of my black and white photographs called “Still in Motion” on display between USAir’s Terminal C and D. Now, 20 years later, there are 24 sites for artists to share their work. I was honored to be the first to help generate interest in their new initiative to have art be a part of everyday life for the many millions who travel through our city’s airport annually.

My dance photography is my passion, and in 2007 I received the “Best in Show” award at the Philadelphia Art Alliance exhibit of over 400 entries for my “H Man” photo of an amazing Afro American dancer named Ade McCray. I no longer exhibit, but did so in NYC, Philadelphia and Cleveland for years.